High School Sports Program at Valentines Sports Park

High School Sports Program at Valentines Sports Park

Valentine Sports Park (map)

This event is a placeholder. Permissions only needed to be submitted for the first instance. You can submit permissions here.

Permission to attend an off campus sports program – High School (Years 7-10) Valentines Sports Park, Glenwood

On the following five weeks on Friday (starting this week on the 2nd of November, 2018), the Sports Program for Stages 4 & 5 students will be held at Valentines Sports Park at Glenwood. Their sport times at school are usually between 11:20am-2pm, but we have found that with warmer weather coming our way, that it has made it difficult for us to continue our sports program safely during the hottest part of the day. Because of this reason we have made other arrangements and will continue our sports programs in the morning between 9:30-11:30am at the sports centre. The students will be able to enjoy a range of sporting activities organised by their PDHPE teacher at this venue at no extra cost.

Attire:               Complete sports uniform
Assembly:        ECC, 441 Blacktown Road, Prospect, NSW 2148
Departure:        9:00am (We need to leave on time!)
Arrival:             Returning to school grounds after 11:30am
Cost: Free
What to Bring: Please provide food for your child for the day as usual. There is a café, however, there is no guarantee that there will be time to have lunch at the venue.

Transport will be provided via school bus between our school and the venue.

A risk assessment has been made prior to the conduct of this excursion and potential hazards are also discussed and addressed.

Miss Norina Martinez
Miss Larissa Bongco
Assisted by:  Pastor Samu

In order for students to be permitted to attend the sports program at Valentines Sports Park, they must:

  • be attired in the correct clothing on the day

  • have submitted permissions

We highly encourage all students to attend and if there are any issues or concerns you may contact Miss Martinez on 0433 828 066.

Presentation & Awards Night 2018

Presentation & Awards Night 2018

Bowman Hall (map)

As we conclude, we would like you to join us in honouring our graduates and recognising our students in their character and academic pursuits throughout the school year.

Awards Night Details                                                          

Date: 11 December 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 7 pm to 9:30 pm – Students should be at the church property no later than 6:30 pm
Attire: Full School Uniform – Please ensure that your child is neatly groomed!
Venue: Bowman Hall, 35 Campbell St, Blacktown NSW 2148

Rehearsal Details                                                                        

Date: 11 December 2017 (Thursday)
Time: TBA
Attire: Sports Uniform
Venue: Bowman Hall, 35 Campbell St, Blacktown NSW 2148