• Lake Parramatta (map)
  • Lake Parramatta
  • North Parramatta, NSW, 2151
  • Australia

Permission to attend excursion to Lake Parramatta, Parramatta (Years 7-10) on Friday, 19th August 2016.

On the 19th of August 2016 (Friday), Year 7-10 students will be having an excursion to Lake Parramatta, Parramatta. The excursion is intended for this specific group of students as part of enhancing their learning in the following Key Learning Areas:

  • In Science: This term, Stage 4 is learning about ecosystems and the interaction between the organisms and their environment. They will be able to explore and make observations of several factors that make up a local ecosystem. They will enhance their understanding and science skills by completing a field study by using the scientific method as learnt previously. By completing this field study, they will enhance their understanding of the many factors that affect the environment and develop a deeper understanding of the surrounding issues that may occur when ecosystems are unbalanced or disturbed.
  • In Geography: This term, students from Stage 5 will be investigating geographical issues of the Australian Environment. Geographical issues (such as waste management, the impact of urban growth, land management and air quality) will be explored throughout this term as students develop their understanding of the way the human and physical environments of Australia influence and affect each other.  They will enhance their understanding of key geographical issues by gathering data through a fieldwork study of Parramatta Park and researching the effect of geographical issues on a local scale.

 Other relevant details are as follows:

Cost:              No cost.

Attire:            Complete sports uniform

Assembly:    ECC, 441 Blacktown Road, Prospect, NSW 2148

Departure:    9.00 am

Arrival:          Returning to school grounds by 2.00 pm

A risk assessment has been made prior to the conduct of this excursion and potential hazards are also discussed and addressed.

Transport on the day will be provided to and from the venue via school bus. 

Please provide food for your child for the day, as there will be no guarantee there will be food services available at the venue. 

We highly encourage all students to attend and if there are any issues or concerns you may contact Miss Martinez on 0433 828 066.


Miss Norina Martinez and Miss Larissa Bongco


In order for students to be permitted to attend the excursion to Lake Parramatta, they must:


  • be attired in the correct clothing on the day
  • have replied to norina@ebenezerchristiancollege.com.au either saying permission granted or permission not granted.  For permission not granted, there should be an explanation as to why the student will not be participating.