• Ebenezer Christian College (map)
  • 411 Blacktown Road
  • Prospect, NSW, 2148
  • Australia

"Say cheese!"

Please arrive neat and tidy wearing your full school uniform!

Prior to filling out your order check that your child’s name is spelt correctly on the envelope, please make any necessary changes on the envelope. Please complete the order form on the envelope, students may then return the envelopes to the school office prior to the day of photography. Spare order envelopes are available on request from the school office.

Family Orders

Should you wish to have a family photograph taken, please collect a family photo envelope from the school’s office. These photos are for school aged students attending the school and no family photo will be taken unless an order form has been received by photo day. All family photographs should be paid for in these envelopes to avoid confusion and returned to the school office prior to photo day.


Please read the instructions carefully regarding payment, noting that all late orders placed with the photographer will incur a minimum $30.00 late fee (per order).


Payments can be made by; (preferred method – online orders)

Cash – place the correct money in your envelopes as we will not provide change.

Money Order – money orders must be made payable to MSP Photography

Credit Card Payments – Credit card payments will only be accepted for online orders. All credit card payments incur a $1 surcharge.

How to Order Online         

  • Log on to www.msp.com.au and click ORDER ONLINE.
  • Place your order using the online system.
  • Record your Order Reference Number on your child’s envelope.
  • Your child must present their own Photo Envelope to the photographer on photo day.

For split families, parents can place multiple orders for children by either placing all the orders on one envelope or handing in multiple order envelopes labelled ‘Mum’s Order’ or ‘Dad’s Order’.

Should you have any further questions regarding orders please contact MSP Photography – Sydney West directly.

02 9831 5505