Permission to attend an off-campus excursion – Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 Excursion to the Concourse

This excursion is intended for this specific group of students as part of enhancing their learning.

A risk assessment has been made prior to the conduct of this excursion and potential hazards are also discussed and addressed.


Cost:            $21 to be paid on or before Friday 9th of November.

Assembly:    ECC, 441 Blacktown Road, Prospect, NSW 2148

Departure:   9:00 am

Arrival:         Returning to school grounds by 3:00 pm

What to Bring: Recess and lunch.

Transport on the day will be via school bus.


UNIFORM: Sports uniform


Teachers: Leah Cruz & Dorynelli Atencia

Assisted by:  Pastor Samu & Norma Martinez

In order for students to be permitted to attend the excursion, they must:

  • Be attired in the correct clothing on the day.

  • Have submitted payment for the excursion.

  • Have submitted permissions.