Permission to attend an off campus excursion - Years 7-10  Luna Park, 21st of September 2018 (Friday)

The excursion is intended for this specific group of students as part of enhancing their learning in the different Key Learning Areas as follows:


Stage 4 – Students will be extending their understanding of energy and simple machines in real-life applications. They will have an enriching experience analyzing the transformation of energy on several rides and how to explain the concepts behind the movement of the rides.

Stage 5 – Students will be looking at Newton’s Laws of motion, energy and forces in the Motion unit. Students will be able to see and experience real-world context of scientific concepts through the several rides in Luna Park.

A risk assessment has been made prior to the conduct of this excursion and potential hazards are also discussed and addressed.

Transport on the day will be via public transport. 

Cost:                $20
Assembly:       ECC, 441 Blacktown Road, Prospect, NSW 2148
Departure:       8:45am sharp (We need to leave on time!)
Arrival:            Returning to school grounds by 2pm

Transport on the day will be via public trasport.   Please make full payment on or before Thursday 20th of September 2018.

UNIFORM : Sports  Uniform
FOOD & DRINK : Please provide food for your child for the day, however, the students may bring money as there are food services within the Luna Park premises.
EQUIPMENT : Notepad + pen/pencil

Miss Norina Martinez, Miss Larissa Bongco