• Aquatic Safety Training Academy (map)

Permission to attend an off campus swimming program – Stages 1 to 3 (Years 1-6) Aquatic Safety Training Academy

As part of our sports program this term, we have organised a 6 week swimming program for all students in years 1-6 beginning the 10th of May 2019.

Relevant details are as follows:
Venue: Aquatic Safety Training Academy
Date: Every Friday commencing on the 10th of May 2019
Time: Stages will have allocated swim program times throughout the day starting with Stage 1 and switching over periodically. Before and after their allocated swimming program time, students will be on school grounds.
Cost : 6 Lessons x $8.50: $51 per student (no need to pay now, a separate invoice will be sent at a later date)

Note: Please bring towels and any other toiletries needed.

A proper risk assessment has been done to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Transport on the day will be via school bus.

UNIFORM: Sports uniform [to be worn before and after the swimming program]
SWIMWEAR: Modest shirts and board shorts for swimming
HAIR: Girls are requested to wear long hair securely tied back or in a swim cap.
GOGGLES: The Aquatic Safety Training Academy requests that you provide goggles for your child each day and have them clearly labelled. Goggles will not be loaned out due for health and hygiene reasons. Quality goggles are available for purchase from the Aquatic Safety Training Academy with prices starting at $14.95.

Respective Teachers
Pastor Samu Tikomaibaravi

Please note that this program is NOT for Kindergarten students.

Please fill out an Ability Survey for each of your children participating in the program so that the ASTA can determine your children’s swimming ability.

Forms can be returned by scanning and emailing to admin@ecc.nsw.edu.au or printed and returned to the office.