• IMAX (map)
  • 31 Wheat Rd
  • Darling Harbour
  • Australia

Permission to attend an off-campus excursion – Stage 3: IMAX, 8th of September 2016 (Thursday)

This excursion is intended for this specific group of students as part of enhancing their learning. This excursion relates to the students’ learning in English and HSIE.

A risk assessment has been made prior to the conduct of this excursion and potential hazards are also discussed and addressed.


Cost:              $16 to be paid on or before Wednesday 7th of September

Assembly:     ECC, 441 Blacktown Road, Prospect, NSW 2148

Departure:   9:00 am sharp

Arrival:          Returning to school grounds by 3:00 pm

Transport:     Via train.

What to Bring: Recess and lunch and/or money for lunch.


UNIFORM : Sports uniform


Teachers: Ceferino Bayato

Assisted by:  Pastor Samu


In order for students to be permitted to attend the excursion, they must:

  • be attired in the correct clothing on the day
  • have submitted payment for excursion.
  • To grant permission please click permission granted and then send. 
  • For permission not granted, please email admin@ebenezerchristiancollege.com.au with an explanation as to why the student will not be participating.