• Lutanda Mount Victoria (map)

Permission to attend Years 7-10 Camp, Lutunda Mount Victoria

Camps are an important part of the school curriculum. The focus of camp is to develop the students’ character through the regular preaching of God’s Word and, also, to cultivate relationships with peers and teachers.

We strongly encourage all students to attend the camp.  Students who will not be attending the camp will be required to provide reasons for their absence and stay home during the camp week.  

Be praying for a fruitful camp for our high school students.

A risk assessment has been made prior to the conduct of the camp and potential hazards are also discussed and addressed.


Cost: TBA/per person (a separate invoice will be sent out shortly)

Attire: Mufti! Attire should be appropriate, modest and God-pleasing.

Transport on the day will be via school bus.

Additional details will be available closer to the camp’s commencement.


Mr Ramie Preyra

Miss Norina Martinez

Miss Larissa Bongco

Mr Madhu Gongupalli

Speaker (TBA)

(Please note that camp staff will be assisting in all the activities on the site.)


In order for students to be permitted to attend the camp, they must:
- Have submitted payment for the camp.
- Have submitted permissions for camp. Please submit permissions in a timely manner as many of the details in the submission form will be required by the camp before we arrive on site.